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It's something!
Sai 2 will support 64bit XD
I have 16Gb Ram but sai only read 4Gb of'em :D
  • Listening to: jamiroquai-feel so good
  • Drinking: glass of vine
Yap it's almost 2 month
That was freaking new experience indeed
But still yo, "Fuck Conscription"
And feel sorry for all young boys and girls in Conscription countries that longer then S-korea (south is an year and 9month)
But, time will pass~  GanBaTTe!

I'm Writing down my List of "what am i going to do after my demobilization"

1 : Visit Bronycon (i wonder what kind of magical place is that)
2 : Going rock festival 
3 : learn vactor
4 : more 
5: and more

tumblr newxsyGVvu1thex3to1 r2 1280 by Electrixocket

마이 리틀 스윗하트: 
 Happy Holidays 는 마이리틀 스윗하트 아트북의 4번째 시리즈입니다 (2012, 2013, &2014 발간).

연휴와 크리스마스를 테마로한 콜라보레이션 아트북이며, 50명 이상의 작가가 참여

지금까지 마이리틀 스윗하트에서 보여준 어떤 책보다도 큰 규모입니다.

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참여작가에관한 정보와 차후 프로젝트 일정역시 곧 공개할 예정입니다!

마이리틀 스윗하트 프로젝트 텀블러인 Confidentially-Cute 에서 팔로잉해주세요 

  1. 마이리틀 스윗하트란 전세계 브로니 아티스트들이 함께 만드는 pin up 계열 일러스트북입니다. (My little Sweetheart 3 구입안내)
  2. 참여작가들은 무상으로 그림을 제공해주었으며 수익금은 '에볼라 바이러스 구호기금'으로 전액 기부됩니다.
  3. 대한민국 배송가능
  4. 국내 브로니 아티스트 참여

영어 원문 - 공식 텀블러

felt loooooooooooooooooooog
for the peaple who have to national service 

SRY guys gona end Voting here :D (Big Grin)

so! this is Rainbow Rock Humanization Character Card for patreon 
5 for 'Twilight Sparkle' and 'Pinkie Pie' also 'Rarity'
4 of you picked 'fluttershy' and 'RD'
and 'AJ' and 'Spike' got one vote each 

Character card update procedure going to be like this   

Thumbnail by Electrixocket

If you want to Recommend Pony for Rest of Thumbnail slots
prealse Leave a comment down below 

also please drop by my patreon page i'm working on little projects you might like

- "love you" electrixockvet -

Bener by Electrixocket

 :) (Smile)

School by Electrixocket

It's vol1 school yet but i hope someday i can reach to Woodstoc

Every single help would be greatly appreciated!

For supporters i'll shere my source material include PSD,SAI,Sketch
and you can annoy me as much as you want!(in good way!)

check it out!


lol! how stupid i am i just find out i didn't click the confirm button on patreon
it's OK now 
kaGh5 patreon name and message by Electrixocket
How do you think about me starting a Patreon?

First, let's talk about me shortly
I'm a 22 year old male was born and raised in South Korea
I've always love drawing since i was kid
After graduated from high school in 2011 I went to study abroad to Tokyo  
I was very happy,In morning i studied at school and did part time job in the afternoon
Tokyo's Labor costs was pretty good,So 5 hours work for a day was good enough for living by myself
I was able to draw a lot of pictures!! original or fanart everything i want!
I just drew all day painting~ painting~ even the weekend

After spending happy 2years I Returned to South Korea for military service obligations
August 6, 2013 exactly one year ago today, I joined military
hard at first, but now it is completely adapted
But there is one problem because salary of the Republic of Korea Army Corporal is $ 130  
Exactly 134,600Won. close to 50 cents per hour
I worked five hours a day in Japan got 1500,000Won (150,000YEN)
Now...i have a serious problam

I had to spend rest of the time to make money I tryed to make a living with painting work but i could not get
this kind of job everyday so most of jobs what i did for money were not about what i'm good at all mean painting
I was so desperate

Few days ago i found 'Patreon' and it's ... It's really fit me!
If i do it successfully i'll be able to focus on painting in my spare time while in military!

So i made up my mind to challenge Patreon

The theme what i'm planning is a High quality My Little Pony illustration

High quality only!

I faced reality, i can't upload illustration very often

So i spend 3 or 4 hours for a day and when i finaly finished one illustration! then i get your supports!

Ones again A !High quality! My Little Pony illustration!!!

And for people who helped me out
I can share the 'PSD' file of illustration or sketch of illustration or another concept sketch i did
Mayby Tutorial too!

I never tried this sort of thing before and also have awkward English skill so it might be little Difficult to me
But also it will be really New and exciting adventure and maybe i might be able to drawing lots of illustration and make a living

If i start this
Are you interested in supporting me? i'd like comments or tips and any advise you can give
It's really welcome with open arms
that'll be a really big help to me

Thanks for reading -se chang park
demobilization is '2015 May 5'  
It's been a year after i got in to military
I'm doing quite fine here :D ~ It's surprisingly ok
met  lots of good guys and im trying to be a good guy too 

When i stuck in the middle of somthing(Drawing, painting
often think "Well..after a good sleep matbe.... i might be able to solve this like Magic....."
and i sleep at saturday evening till sunday afternoon
  • Repeat
  • Every week
I've never know this kind of thing even Exist Whoa!
this is really cool!!
Hello! Electrixocket here~
After all that boot camp training finally i became a Private
Unexpectedly the boot camp wasn't so bad :D dose not mean 
training was easy for me, was freaking hard to me.
which is Couch potato XD

Imagine you have to Climb up a mountain with Carrying 30kg backpack and 5kg rifle also Bulletproof Helmet,water pail,Cartridge belt,and on and on~

every single training made my body to screaming like hell 
but i met amazing friends in that boot camp too

Hmm i like to write this journal some more but my English skill is showing his Limit Lol

In summary 
It's was hard but great and Precious experience :)

I need to Serve 20 more month  
it's Exactly 24 hours left
i was like, Eating and drinking with ma friends this month XD 
i'm ready 
maybe i should doing some thing meaningful?
but i'm not even going to die in there it's just boot camp, gonabe fine~ also might fun too

anyway i'll be back soon!!!!

was bronycon funny btw ?
was great?! 
Good! i'll be there after 18 month baby!
starting military service,finaly it's only left 2 month,before i go
i hope daft punk visit rock festival in korea too this summer~ :P

well,Without a doubt im having a great time

The weather is getting hot my friends,Look out the mosquitos

also im doing simple webcomic 'im goin home'
trying to upload it every week
Ahh..sugary goodness
There are a lot of people actually do not know about meaning of The Rising Sun Flag sigh....

it's fucking Asia's Hakenkreuz guys

For example, have you guys read "Scott Pilgrim"? i love this book and im sure bryan lee o'malley is not Racist or fucktard or whatever

But do you guys remember..... when that Japanese twin come out?

one of them's T-Shirt, The Rising Sun Flag printed on it

just...if you thought The Rising Sun Flag looks cool

think again specially if you dont think hakenkreuz looks cool

ty 4 reading
Mandarin is The best Villain ever Exist!
Simply now this place is strangely "peaceful"

After 3rd nuclear test 'North have invalidate the 'Armistice Agreement' my friends in army talking Atmosphere is getting.... Usual?

I don't know...

I remember when North bombarded the Yeon-pyeong-do i was 18 and studying with my friends at art academy

was morning, People went back home one by one in a hurry

We were scared Cus we thought War is coming

And....nothing Happened :)

after that year i went Japan for illustration study and Kim-jung-ill dead wile i studying with my friend

2 years later now me and my friends are going to join the army

so.. Lol this is little silly but I did Dreamed of falling bombs in Seoul  

anyway i like to let you know what My cousin told me :)

"Haha man up Brother don't worry about it They are freaking smart, really smart that's why they could possibly keep the dictatorship like Three generations"

you know?. felt little better

North is smart
This is .difference. not wrong
After two Korea-U.S. joint military drills end, American vessels equipped with nuclear weapons will stay in South Korean waters to fully guarantee the U.S. "nuclear umbrella" in case North Korea attacks.

A high-ranking South Korean government official told the JoongAng Ilbo yesterday, "If North Korea makes a nuclear attack, retaliation can come from U.S. nuclear weapons stationed in Okinawa or Guam. But considering the time that might take, we need to have a nuclear weapon near the Korean Peninsula.

"By not withdrawing U.S. weapons participating in the Korea-U.S. military exercises, we decided to let them stay a while and see what happens in North Korea," he said.

The joint Key Resolve exercises began yesterday and will continue through March 21. Roughly 10,000 South Korean troops and 3,500 U.S. soldiers will take part in the exercises, along with some high-end U.S. aircraft and submarines.

The drill practices the swift reinforcement of U.S. troops to the peninsula in case of an emergency like an outbreak of war with the North.

The Foal Eagle exercise that started on March 1 will run through April 30.

For days, Pyongyang has threatened attacks on South Korea and the United States over the drills, including "precise nuclear attacks." It has also threatened to nullify the 1953 armistice that halted the Korean War.

"We decided to convene another Korea-U.S. submarine drill after the Foal Eagle training ends at the end of April," the official told the JoongAng Ilbo. "We are still negotiating [with Washington] how to utilize the nuclear weapons after then."

The official did not specify which warships would remain behind with nuclear weapons.

Sources in the South Korean military told the JoongAng Ilbo that a nuclear-armed submarine is a strong candidate.

"Since the third nuclear test by North Korea in February, there have been calls for us to possess a nuclear weapon," a South Korean military official said. "Among various options - our own development, adoption of tactical nuclear weapons and utilizing the U.S. nuclear umbrella - the third is the most realistic."

In 1991, U.S. forces withdrew their tactical nuclear weapons from South Korea.

Key Resolve has deployed some advanced U.S. weapons and systems, including F-22s, the most advanced stealth fighter in the United States, and the USS Lassen (DDG-82), a guided missile destroyer.

The Ministry of Unification, which is in charge of most inter-Korean issues, said yesterday that North Korea didn't answer any calls coming from five hotlines between Seoul and Pyongyang.

"However, it doesn't mean that Pyongyang indeed cut off the lines," a Unification Ministry official told reporters. "The lines are still connected, but no one picks up the phone."

The North threatened to "scrap" the 1953 armistice agreement if the joint exercises began and to "block all liaison lines" between the two Koreas. The Unification Ministry official said there is still one line that the regime answers, which is used for communication regarding the Kaesong Industrial Complex.

"Every day, we use the line to report on commuters entering the complex," the official said. "The complex and the line were both working yesterday."

The official added the industrial complex, to which hundreds of South Korean workers and businessmen commute, was operating as usual.

Tensions were also high at the Blue House, the presidential mansion. President Park Geun-hye convened her first Cabinet meeting yesterday and expressed her worries.

"When it comes to provocations from North Korea, we should sternly respond to them, but we also should not stop our efforts to start a trust-building process on the Korean Peninsula," she said, according to her spokesman Yoon Chang-jung.

Although the head of the National Security Council and the minister of national defense have not been formally appointed, Park held talks with the nominees for the positions.

The Rodong Sinmin, the newspaper of the ruling Workers' Party of North Korea, did more saber-rattling yesterday in an editorial.

"Starting today, March 11, the Choson Armistice Agreement has been entirely rescinded," it said. "Now, the day of final showdown has come."

However, Kim Chun-sig, deputy unification minister of South Korea, said the armistice agreement can't be scrapped unilaterally by North Korea. "Any revision of the agreement should be agreed by both signing parties."

By Jeong Yong-soo, Kim Hee-jin []