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How do you think about me starting a Patreon?

First, let's talk about me shortly
I'm a 22 year old male was born and raised in South Korea
I've always love drawing since i was kid
After graduated from high school in 2011 I went to study abroad to Tokyo  
I was very happy,In morning i studied at school and did part time job in the afternoon
Tokyo's Labor costs was pretty good,So 5 hours work for a day was good enough for living by myself
I was able to draw a lot of pictures!! original or fanart everything i want!
I just drew all day painting~ painting~ even the weekend

After spending happy 2years I Returned to South Korea for military service obligations
August 6, 2013 exactly one year ago today, I joined military
hard at first, but now it is completely adapted
But there is one problem because salary of the Republic of Korea Army Corporal is $ 130  
Exactly 134,600Won. close to 50 cents per hour
I worked five hours a day in Japan got 1500,000Won (150,000YEN)
Now...i have a serious problam

I had to spend rest of the time to make money I tryed to make a living with painting work but i could not get
this kind of job everyday so most of jobs what i did for money were not about what i'm good at all mean painting
I was so desperate

Few days ago i found 'Patreon' and it's ... It's really fit me!
If i do it successfully i'll be able to focus on painting in my spare time while in military!

So i made up my mind to challenge Patreon

The theme what i'm planning is a High quality My Little Pony illustration

High quality only!

I faced reality, i can't upload illustration very often

So i spend 3 or 4 hours for a day and when i finaly finished one illustration! then i get your supports!

Ones again A !High quality! My Little Pony illustration!!!

And for people who helped me out
I can share the 'PSD' file of illustration or sketch of illustration or another concept sketch i did
Mayby Tutorial too!

I never tried this sort of thing before and also have awkward English skill so it might be little Difficult to me
But also it will be really New and exciting adventure and maybe i might be able to drawing lots of illustration and make a living

If i start this
Are you interested in supporting me? i'd like comments or tips and any advise you can give
It's really welcome with open arms
that'll be a really big help to me

Thanks for reading -se chang park
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GSphere Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are very, extremely talented and one of my favorite artists! If you post artwork regularly of the quality you've shown, you can definitely make money with it.  If not Patreon, then try commissions. When you start either I recommend not just posting a journal, but creating / posting a piece that you hope will spread virally (like you've done before, 1000s of views), and have it be an ad for yourself. 
Electrixocket Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
thank both of you :) 
you're right notthing to lose doh i'll give it a shot! 
ClassicBlaze Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
Honestly, from what I've seen so far only artists with a substancial audience make any money with it, most of the time its not even that much, I have no idea how Patreon works or how popular you are at dA, howerver, If you have a sizeable fanbase and nothing to lose then give it a shot, I've seen it payoff with other forms of media, hopefully it will work for you too.
LordBurn Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2014
I would say give it a shot, but I don't have any real practical advice with Patreon.  I make too little to support myself, let alone anyone else.  Though unless Patreon charges a hard fee, (in where you could lose money,) or your patreon gifts take away time from commissions and lose money that way, I can't see the harm, even it it only turns out into a few won a month.  That would still be more money than you'd make on otherwise free art anyway.

Still, others with more knowledge would be better to ask about this.

I hope it works out though!
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